Tag: frameworks

  • Framer

    [An application / framework platform for Mac that looks to let you got from Photoshop or Sketch to prototype in record time.][link] [link]: http://framerjs.com/ “Framer – Innovative Prototyping”

  • Phaser

    [Another HTML5 2D game framework][link], built mobile-first. Supports TypeScript and JavaScript. Looks pretty fast / simple, and it’s used on the awesome [Game Mechanic Explorer][gme] site. [link]: http://phaser.io/ “Phaser – Desktop and Mobile HTML5 game framework” [gme]: http://gamemechanicexplorer.com “Game Mechanic Explorer”

  • Semantic UI

    [Yet another HTML/CSS/JS framework][link], but built so that the classes are understandable in english. It’ll create some HTML bloat, but it has a certain Applescript-y charm to it. The site is pretty snazzy, too. Very readable, very smooth. [link]: http://semantic-ui.com/ “Getting Started | Semantic UI”

  • Meteorite

    [Appears to be the front-runner for Meteor version and package management][link]. Working very well for me so far. [Meteor][meteor] is some strong mojo. [link]: https://github.com/oortcloud/meteorite “oortcloud/meteorite · GitHub” [meteor]: http://meteor.com

  • Derby

    [A Model-View-Controller framework for Node.js and web browsers][link]. Real-time updating of everydamnthing. Don’t miss [the demos][demos]. [link]: http://derbyjs.com “Derby” [demos]: http://derbyjs.com/#demos “Derby Demos”

  • CodeIgniter 2.0.0 Released

    Missed this due to my obsessive monitoring of the situation in Egypt, but this is very good news. [Code Igniter’s evolutionary step has begun.][link] [link]: http://codeigniter.com/news/codeigniter_2.0.0_released/ “CodeIgniter 2.0.0 Released | CodeIgniter – News”

  • The 15 Largest ExpressionEngine sites

    [A list of large EE-powered sites][link]. ExpressionEngine is the big brother of my PHP framework of choice, [CodeIgniter][ci]. via [Shawn Medero][shawn] [link]: http://www.hopstudios.com/blog/the_10_largest_expressionengine_sites/ “The 15 Largest ExpressionEngine sites (updated) – Blog – Hop Studios” [shawn]: http://twitter.com/soypunk/status/3740284594 “Original Twitter message” [ci]: http://codeigniter.com/ “Code Igniter”