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New claims of prosecutor misconduct in Aaron Swartz case

I haven’t posted much about this here because I’m still very sad about it, but this is encouraging in the sense that every step we take to make sure there isn’t a next time is a good step. In a letter (made public Wednesday) to an internal Justice Department ethics unit from January 2013, Swartz’s […]


A repository of community-curated legal documents. Someone is going to try to troll this hard, mark my words.

Twitter Introduces the Innovator’s Patent Agreement

Good news on this Tuesday morning: The IPA is a new way to do patent assignment that keeps control in the hands of engineers and designers. It is a commitment from Twitter to our employees that patents can only be used for defensive purposes. We will not use the patents from employees’ inventions in offensive […]

TechCrunch Reports DID Give User Data to the RIAA

More exactly, CBS (’s parent company) got this user data by not telling they were going to turn it over. responded to TechCrunch’s initial allegation with a blog post titled “TechCrunch are full of shit.” I wonder how feel about the acquisition right now.

Square Enix shuts down Chrono fan game Crimson Echoes

Hey, Square, having a fan base that LOVES your stuff so much they’re willing to put in their own work and time (hundreds of hours) on what amounts to FREE PROMOTION for it? That’s not a problem. That’s an incredible gift that you just shit on. Again. They had another opportunity like this a few […]

Court Jails Pirate Bay Founders

I’m sure the appeals process will be long: Frederik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, Carl Lundstrom and Peter Sunde were found guilty of breaking copyright law and were sentenced to a year in jail. They were also ordered to pay $4.5m (£3m) in damages. I feel that their attitude didn’t help them with the judge. Google […]

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