Motherboard: The Hidden Stories Lingering in RadioShack’s Bankruptcy Auction

Apparently there are now [about 70 Radio Shacks left][left] across America. I’ve scavenged a few closings here in San Francisco. I will cherish those still-overpriced-at-70%-off toggle switches forever:

>But buried in the recent news about store closings—which have largely decimated a chain of thousands of locations—is the fact that the company is auctioning off much of its storied history in a [Ubid estate auction][ubid] that’s going on for the next month or so.
>And the stories behind some of those objects are better than you think.

The uBid auction has some pretty surreal stuff in it. Did you know Radio Shack produced an LP of trucker jams (such as Convoy), called [Put The Hammer Down][lp]? And that it was certified gold?

[link]: “The Hidden Stories Lingering in RadioShack’s Bankruptcy Auction”
[ubid]:–1/ “uBid Estate Auction for Radio Shack”
[lp]: “Put The Hammer Down on Discogs”
[left]: “USA Today: RadioShack, closing 1,000 stores, leaves only these 70”


The Problem With “Warby Parker for X”

[Jamie Quint:][link]

>Direct to consumer online-only retail is not disruptive because its online. Do not mistake good marketing for a new and innovative business model. Warby Parker was a special case driven by very interesting market dynamics that don’t apply to the other companies in the space. Let’s dive in and take a look.

and it’s a good look. I’ve been seeing this meme a lot in the tech circles lately, and this shreds it pretty hard.

[link]: “The Problem With “Warby Parker for X” | Jamie Quint”


The Microsoft Store

So you met someone new and the next time you see them they’re dressing exactly like you and they like all of your favorite bands now and you try to be nice about it and not get creeped out but it’s fucking CREEPY and a couple months later you wake up and they’ve stolen your skin.

Yeah, that’s what [the Microsoft Store][link] is like. It’s the [Single White Female][link] store.

[link]: “YouTube – Welcome to the Microsoft Store”
[link]: “Single White Female”